In accordance with our accreditation with UNOSEL, all of our language teachers are qualified in teaching English. This allows the student to have an authentic teaching experience, which helps to motivate the student with a desire to communicate.


These courses can take place in classrooms but also, according to the various courses, in premises adapted to itinerant stays or to specific themes. More intensive courses are also given in personalised formulas such as “Club 5”.


All levels are accepted, from beginner to advanced. We are always at your disposal for any educational advice, in order to allow you to choose with care the most suitable course for your child. Taking into account the students expectations, achievements and also the areas in which they wish to deepen their skills.


Language classes are created by level and by age group. Tests are carried out at the start of the stays in order to optimise the homogeneity of the groups.


For the 18+ years old, we offer an intensive course, where there are no more than 10 students per group.


Our educational approach is proactive and dynamic. Which favours authentic support, speech triggers and other stimuli that allow young people to express themselves more easily and also to understand more easily sources such as the press, cinema and television, through debates, role plays, worksheets, presentations and playful exercises integrating the appropriate language structures and respecting the essential grammatical points.


At the end of the stay, an educational report is given to the student. Teachers record their assessments on the skills and progress made during the language course. This report is accompanied by a "Certificate of Completion" which certifies the student's participation in the mentioned programme.


The results sought are:

  • Deepening the linguistic knowledge acquired during the school year
  • The acquisition of essential automatisms to express oneself with ease
  • The enrichment of structures and the lexicon making it possible to transmit and understand emotions, feelings or concepts
  • Improving oral expression and comprehension
  • A better knowledge of the culture and customs of the host country.